Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why I Paint Flowers

Sunny Irises
Flower Mosaic
Why do I paint flowers? It's autobiographical. In 2015, I became severely depressed. I was bitterly unhappy in my personal life. After having dedicated myself to the wrong man whose duplicity and manipulation was pushing me into emotional and financial crisis, I was starting to hate my life. Of course, I didn't know at the time that he was emotionally messing with my heart, mind and life. All I knew was I was in constant conflict and under tremendous financial pressure with absolutely no support. 

I decided rather than focus on my personal life, which was in constant stress, I would return to what made me feel good. I always loved painting. The question became, what should I paint and use as my subject matter. I decided to study and paint flowers of all kinds. Why? Flowers are colorful and represent beauty in the natural world. Since my intention was to lift my depression, I felt that using a colorful and beautiful subject matter would help.  

Readers, the message: find what you love and do it. I've healed my heart now to the degree that I'm no longer depressed. I've evened out. I feel healthy and awake and vibrant again. I try to paint several times a week. I thinking painting has healed my brain way more than drugs. I took the drugs for a while and I can't even say if they helped or made it worse. Now I'm drug-free and I'm even sleeping well at night. 

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