Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coming Soon from 3L Publishing in 2016

Grains of Truth by Elizabeth Ferry-Perata -- the tangled web of love, family loyalty, and loss weave this story about friendship, love, loyalty and loss in this heartfelt drama about the characters who populate a Texas feed store.

Harris Estate by Stacey Cotter -- a family mystery unfolds deep in the heart of Texas as a woman discovers the grisly remains in a farm house she has inherited. As the truth unravels so does the woman's sense of identity and self.

The Abused by Michelle Gamble -- nine addicts go to rehab only to have one of them start murdering the others. This psychological thriller takes readers on a mental thrill ride into the deepest secrets drug addicts hide and the deadly consequences.


Smile Power: How a Simple Smile Can Help Achieve Health, Wealth and Success by Dr. Ramin Bahrain -- did you know that a smile can change just about every aspect of your life? This well-written book outlines research from world famous experts on how the very act of smiling can transform your life.

Habits and Attitudes by Dr. Lance Casazza -- what do people do on a daily basis to achieve positive results in their lives? By profiling 52 different people from all walks of life, Dr. Casazza reveals the formula to achieving success whatever that means to the person.

"Tails" and Trails by Debbie Preston -- in this beautifully written homage to her beloved dog Toots, Debbie Preston takes readers on an incredible adventure on the various hiking trails located throughout the Sierra. This charming story is guaranteed to make you smile and cry.

Invisalign Textbook (title not finalized) -- who would imagine the fascination of how an incredible, new technology brought to orthodontists everywhere in the form of Invisalign aligners could do so much? This graphical textbook shows specialists how to achieve incredible results with their orthodontic patients.

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  1. It is happening! So excited :) Thank you Michelle for your help and I have enjoyed this process with you :)