Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Seize Social Media Opportunities to Grow Business

It has been a while since I've just quipped or been interesting on my blog. Why, you ask? Well, have you ever had your brain so full it's leaking? We have so much going on right now with the national exposure of the book Chocolate Flowers. The phone calls and requests for ghost-writing services and full-service publishing (see our company at www.3LPublishing.com) have been nonstop. I just got off the phone with a woman from South Carolina. So many compelling and important stories to tell from people who call in from across the country.

Most of the interest is coming from social media since the Dr. Phil show didn't directly promote Chocolate Flowers or even reveal its title. The social media attention has proven the importance of having a strong presence. I'm about to max out my "friends" on Facebook. I think the biggest lesson:

Don't automatically exclude someone on Facebook and accept "new" friends if you want to grow your business.

I once worked with someone who eschewed the idea of expanding her FB network unless she knew the contact. If someone comes to you, though, and they're trying to get to know you that premise doesn't work. If you intend to promote anything (including your business or even book), open your network to those you don't know. You don't always know why they're connecting with you.

Now the caveat: you can get stalked by no-so-well-meaning strangers.

If someone starts stalking you shut it down. Don't respond or give them fodder to continue their behavior. It's playground rules: ignore them. They won't get what they're looking for -- attention -- and go away.

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  1. Tis the reason to have more than one platform. I have started saying no on FB. Or rather I changed my settings so a person who is not in my network cannot friend me.

    Now before that sounds short sighted I did something else that those who want to be found especially for business purposes need to do.

    I put much if not all of my contact info in the About section and left it so that non friends and non network people can view it.

    There you can link your website and other social media platforms. You can choose to include a phone number or not.

    You can also message people who try to friend you that you do not want to be friends with and let them know you would prefer to connect with them via another platform.

    I want my FB profile warm and fuzzy with friends and family. Business contacts can prove themselves elsewhere before being added to this mix.

    LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Email...although I dislike most emails..., MeetUp, Ello, Tsu, there are a myriad of options and growing.

    Now if you will excuse me...I have to go get the Swarm App and maybe check out that Coffee Meets Bagel single app... :0