Monday, February 9, 2015

If You Want a Date Go to a Dating Service

Social media has its upside and its downside. People using Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to do business are often nonplussed by the habitual social aspects that makes it great, but also annoying. When I'm friended on Facebook my initial consideration to accept is based on two things: 1. is this a prospective customer/client or 2. is this another person only interested in a date? Since I'm looking for clients/customers for our business 3L Publishing ( that second question has merit. Those looking for a date will start almost immediately bothering me.

The no. #1 thing I don't like though ... getting in touch with me and using business as a means to your end. Men (and even some women) who approach me about my business and act like that is what they want to know about and then do bait and switch. What I really want to know is: are you single? Not only is that a very cheesy and dishonest way to approach me, but it's offensive.

I was taught manners when I was a kid. I have high hopes that most people at least try to have manners. In this virtual world we live in, the idea of manners is often forgotten as individuals hide behind computer screen and do things their mother or father would frown over. If you want to get to know anybody here is a great tip: just approach them and honestly say you want to get to know them. Don't use their business as a cover to approach them, and then say, "Oh yeah! I just want to know you." You don't look very honest that way, and frankly any woman worth her own self-esteem and value would be nonplussed by a guy who approaches her dishonestly.

So your takeaway: just be honest. Say what you want and mean what you say. That strategy will be stunningly winning.

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