Friday, February 6, 2015

Marketing Solves All of Your Sales Woes (that an a five-minute pity party)

Outflow gets inflow ... so I'm an open book about my business. I like to teach other people how to succeed. It gives me so much pleasure when I see someone go from "rags to riches" (even if it's emotional).

So just so you all know right now I'm human. I give myself the badge of flesh and blood. I have my great days like you all do and then I have my tough days. Sometimes as I'm selling our services for 3L Publishing (, I hit a sudden wall of "No's" vs. "Yes's". If the series of No's starts to trump the Yes's I've learned a valuable technique (well two of them):

Give yourself a five-minute pity party. Yep, scream, kick, cry and just light up the room. Punch a pillow. Get your sob on. But that's all you get! Bring on the cake, eat the ice cream, and MOVE ON. Five minutes is all you get.

Then move to my opening phrase: outflow gets inflow. Start reaching out. Work it! Work it! Work it! Keep your eye on the ball. Do your marketing (blog, newsletters, etc.). Make some phone calls. Remind people you exist and what you do.

Now sit back and watch the results! And this is the really, really cool part: give yourself a five-minute, "It's-all-good" party too.

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