Monday, February 2, 2015

Movie Review: Cake


Actually, I don't know why I gave it less half-a-point, but maybe it deserves five stars. Cake is yet another riveting, emotional and spiritual movie out in theaters. Chronic pain sufferer Clair is kicked out of a support group after she articulately, truthfully and in an unvarnished description goes through a "forgiveness" exercise and excoriates her friend's suicide. The group's stunned reaction leads to Clair being asked to leave. The heart of the story begins here with Clair's pain and addiction to pills spiraling out of control. She begins to hallucinate the woman who committed suicide and soon her obsession lands her on the woman's doorstep where she befriends her widower and son.

While Clair is self-destructive and a self-proclaimed bitch, the audience slowly learns what happened that resulted in the physical and emotional scars. Outsiders are often unsympathetic to her situation, but Clair has bottled it all up and uses pills to numb it out. The script is well written and structurally interesting how the writers peel back the layers of the story and in doing so peel back Clair's story.

Cake is not a feel-good movie. It's emotionally intense, riveting, and absorbing. So many masterfully written moments and scenes that make you think. Jennifer Aniston's performance is spot-on full of anger, pain, grief, sadness -- all expressed so well in her face. She looks intense and painfully sad the whole through.

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