Monday, December 12, 2016

More Great Book Marketing Tips

I thought I would pack this issue of First Word with some great marketing resources for books. I'm signed up on many different lists and newsletters. So here are some interesting resources and tips you may want to check out.
Sign up to do online book talks with Pearls of Creation. Several authors have said this one is good. Here is the information:
Cross-promoting other authors on Twitter. Several authors help each other and pass book release information back and forth. When I posted some information about my earlier novels, I sold some eBooks. It definitely came from Twitter re-tweets of the material.
Write a great pitch to major media outlets. Don't be afraid of big names like the New York Times. The sheer intimidation factor can prevent some authors from even promoting to major media. Here is the reality: media outlets (all of them) need content to succeed. Without great subject material they aren't in business. Don't discount your book before it's even been pitched. You can't hear a yes if you don't ask, so ask.
Follow up once you've pitched. A major shortfall is that many authors either 1. Give up if they don't hear anything or 2. They do hear something and fail to follow up after the sample book has been sent in. Editors are busy people too. Just because you haven't heard anything doesn't mean your book is out of the running. So, do follow up at least twice before giving up.
Contact book clubs and offer to greatly discount your book or even give it to members if they'll write reviews for Amazon or their sites. In the beginning, it's about building following and finding an audience. I know because I've gone through it that the early days of getting a book out there might seem like a money pit. Like any business you have to spend money to make money. So your freshman novel requires investing in the marketing and giving some books away with the idea of building your audience.
One bite at a time - you have so many things to do each day to promote your book. Give yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals. Tasks to promote your book. Start with book reviewers, find podcasts and radio shows specializing in your genre, enter book contests, follow up, contribute blog posts to other bloggers. Do something each day to promote your book.

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