Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I have a confession to make: 2016 was the toughest year. I have been scratching and promoting and trying to retool the business for increased prosperity. I’ve been reflecting a lot and hoping to regain some lost momentum. My life partner Chris Carter shared something interesting with me, and it’s an invaluable and something to pay attention to for other business people. He said that once you’ve started to achieve a certain amount of momentum that is the time to strike. If you don’t strike while the ball is starting to roll faster and faster, you will likely lose that stride and go backwards.

I’ve seen it happen to others. I see many authors who start to catch their momentum only to be discouraged or distracted away from their goals and fall off the wave. It happened to me due to my 2012 divorce. My book California Girl Chronicles was peaking. I was on tour and selling books like crazy, especially in bundle deals with my “Love My Coconuts” t-shirt and the second book. I remember going to the RT Book Lovers convention and selling an amazing $5,000 in merchandise in two days. For a convention that is a nice chunk of change.

Then the dreaded divorce got underway. With so many issues swirling around my head I got distracted away and lost my focus. A few more poor choices later and here I am. I lost that all-important momentum. The problem when your momentum loses speed is that it can often demoralize you. I went from confident and determined to insecure and uncertain.

Today though being in better head space and a stable relationship I’ve had time to reflect and consider how to get the train back on the tracks. Working on the book Habits and Attitudes really helped remind me of important things to keeping your success and positive outlook moving forward. As we go into a New Year with more opportunities I started to consider how am I going to regain my momentum? Well, I already took the first early steps and removed a few toxic relationships out of my life. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Did you know that positivity breeds positivity? And the reverse is true too.

So step number #1 is to regain my mojo aka confidence. I was so “in love” with my book series California Girl Chronicles that I brought that passion and love to getting it out there. I remember one woman saying, “I have to buy this book just because you’re so passionate about it.” I was bringing a fantastic attitude to my sales process. I loved the book and that translated to a commitment to sell it. Are you in the middle of selling a product or book? Are you excited about it? One thing Habits and Attitudes illustrated effectively was how your very attitude can affect everything and everyone around you. So tip #1:

Fall “in love” with your book and let your “glow” show to prospective readers. Take it with you everywhere you go and don’t hesitate to bring it out and show people. It’s your “baby” – be a proud parent.

Don’t let distractions get in your way. Determine your destination: best-selling book. Now don’t let anything change the direction –> BEST SELLER! PERIOD!!

Now what’s it going to take? Right now with my forthcoming novel The Abused I’m considering directions for it, but my number #1 focus is to get it done and get it done right. Know without any question it WILL succeed. Know how good your product is. Have confidence. Make a list of 5 MARKETING activities to do daily to get your book publicized. Don’t let the distractions stop you and don’t stop until your list is complete.

What should your list contain?
1.     Pitch 5 book reviewers until you’ve pitched them all.
2.     Now go back to that list and follow up with each person at least once.
3.     Write a blog supporting the book – one a day.
4.     Promote the book across all social media – daily.
5.     Pitch 5 book clubs – daily.

Do at least one of these five things a day. Do NOT back off. Do NOT get discouraged. Stay the course and stay the direction. Direction –> BEST SELLER! PERIOD!

Now if you’re a business professional, these tips apply to any marketing activity. In your marketing plan we would call them TACTICS. You are in tactical warfare to achieve your dream – only it’s a fun, practical and willful battle loaded with faith, passion, commitment, persistence, and a willingness to go all the way.

I’m doing it! Follow me on my own journey! When I’m done I expect every First Word reader will be clamoring to read my psychological thriller The Abused!!! Don’t forget I do public relations and marketing too. Want my help? Let’s create a Marketing Plan for 2017 and execute it. You can contact me at info@3LPublishing.com.

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