Monday, December 19, 2016

Is it Marketing or "Storytelling"?

Did you know that whether you’re an author or business professional that you are the “storyteller” of your product or service? Yes, it’s a unique way of looking at it, but you are the person charged with either the oral or written history – whether it be a book or a widget. As Chief Storyteller your job is to inform the world about your product and share it. When you consider it as a “story” vs. “marketing” it puts it in a whole new light, doesn’t it?

Marketing and public relations is about spreading the “message” about your product. What “story” are you trying to tell the world? It’s like you’re the oral tradition of your company and it’s being passed down only it’s not to your ancestors it’s to the masses. Your job is to craft a story that is:

1.    Targeted to the right audience and what they want to know about or hear.
2.    It’s compelling and demonstrates the benefits and value.
3.    Most of all it’s a page-turner!

Yes, it’s a page-turner. If you are able to spin your marketing and public relations messages into a page-turner story, imagine your success. You have your audience mesmerized by your message and so intrigued they can’t stop getting enough of it. What an exciting way to look at your marketing.

Once more if you can humanize your story and make it real to people so that they emotionally invest in the idea, they will be moved to action and when they’re moved to action what does that mean?

Great idea + compelling and captivating story + action = SALES

As you go out and pitch your product or book, you need to develop the story. The story isn’t about some dry or uninteresting. Tell the story of your adventure in making it happen. Tell the story with passion. How did you get your product. How did you imagine it into being. Go out and sell it and pitch it and do speeches where you tell that story. Give it human interest, intrigue, “battles”, villains and make yourself the superhero. Can you imagine hearing that speech at your next meeting or conference. A speech about how good overcame the obstacles?

And that is why business leaders should indeed write a book. Not a book about how they got to where they’re at or about the technicalities of their trade. They should write the story of the product in such a way that it’s just an incredible yarn that people don’t put down. Imagine you’re a dentist or orthodontist or real estate agent who has written this incredible tale that relates to your business. In a competitive world when you give your prospects your story vs. your promo … Wow! The possibilities are endless. How could your prospect not see you as different from the crowd?

Below I’ve continued this discussion with my article “Nothing Sells Your Business Better than a Book”. Take a read and think about it. And if it makes sense to you, I promise you a book will completely open new doors and opportunities you never saw coming. It’s a New Year coming. The time is perfect to kickoff your new year with a refreshing project to make your business shine. If you read this article and you’re sure it’s your perfect marketing tool, contact me at Not only can we explore what your book should be about, but I’ll sneak in a 25% discount! A great deal when you consider the overall savings.

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