Friday, November 6, 2015

3 Ways a Book Creates Opportunities for Your Business

I always tell business people that writing a book and the value it brings your business isn't measured by individual book sales. It's measured by opportunities. Here are three "opportunities" having a professionally published book can do for your business.

1. Subject Matter Expert. Whether you feel like an expert or not is beside the point. A book in people's minds means you know enough about a particular subject to write about it. Subject Matter Experts get asked to do the following, which provide more opportunities ...

2. Speaking Engagements. Speaking to a group makes you the center of attention. The aforementioned expertise creates credibility. Credibility impresses people. And speaking to a room gives your company exposure to the audience members. And what does exposure do?

3. Attracts Business. Now you've gained credibility and had an "opportunity" to share your expertise and business acumen to a group (audience). Exposure to your business, product, or service, gives you what? "Opportunities" to win business.

So let's do some math. Let's say you've paid $5,000 to get your book done. And let's assume you provide a service such as consulting or marketing or even something like architecture or some other professional-level service like accounting. How many clients do you need to attract to gain return on investment for you book? One, two, three? And you can do back-of-the-room sales with your book. Whatever the number it's probably not that many and with that, it's worth investment.

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