Friday, April 10, 2015

Writing Sexy but Tasteful Fiction

One of my number one posts on this blog has to do with writing sexual tension. Sex sells, and let's just be honest. It has been cited that about 75 percent of Internet traffic is for sex-related websites. Now I don't believe in selling my soul to include erotic elements in books or 3L Publishing's books. But I will say I am not a prude either. I frankly don't have a problem with sexy fiction as long as it's not just for prurient, salacious or gratuitous purposes. My books California Girl Chronicles and now Body in the Trunk are very sexy.

What are my tips for writing sexy fiction that meets the above criteria?

Tip 1 -- Build sexual tension slowly

Your reader wants the same excitement as the characters: the thrill of the chase. Don't have your characters give it up too soon unless it's designed to make a plot point of some kind. The best sex scenes are built up and tension and anticipation established. Perhaps you also want to create a flaw in the character too that maybe he or she is promiscuous, but to make that point you don't need to describe every sex partner. You can simply make the point without the actual encounters, and that is what I mean about it build it up.

Tip 2 -- Tasteful descriptions are just as hot

You don't have to be so specific and tasteless so that no one except a Hustler reader would like it. Now I have had interesting comments before like if you're going to call a spade a spade, just go for it and don't be cute or coy with your writing. It's a matter of perspective. There are some words you just can't use or it goes too far. I'm not going to cite the words, but readers can also be offended. Pedestrian or street language though belongs in the dialogue -- and that is another topic.

Tip 3 -- Sex turns some readers off and some on

You can't win or lose on this one. If you're going to include sex of any kind someone is going to get turned off. I know a woman who says, "I don't like sex scenes." And the next thing I know she's staring at one or reading one ... glued to it. Other people are just downright "cool with it" and others specifically read particular books just for the sex. When I was a girl I remember the book Wifey and how we were all so eager to find out what it had in it. What was the great mystery about it? Years later I look at that book and laugh. Really? So sex scenes are actually relative to perspective.

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