Saturday, April 4, 2015

3 Tips to Think About Before You Publish a Book

Tip #1: Why are you wanting to publish? An important question that will determine which direction to go in terms of selection of a publishing process (self-publishing, custom publishing, hybrid publishing, or traditional). Is it to simply finish a book you want completed? Is it to establish your legacy with friends and family? Is it to just get your story out of your head? Is it to reach a wide audience? Is it to become a best-seller? Is it to establish a new career as a writer?

Tip #2: Are you ready to get out there and sell? Nothing sells a book better than an author. Reality though is your efforts to reach a wide audience (if that is your goal) require you to get out and sign books and meet people. Does this deter you? Also, realize book signings are glamorous on the surface but work at the heart. It requires work, time and commitment to sign books and sell. Glamor wears off about your 5th signing or second kid's soccer game missed.

Tip #3: Are you prepared to invest. Whether you self-publish or use a hybrid model, be prepared to invest like you would any business. Even if you traditionally publish you will still be expected to pay for a publicist. Publishers do not provide free marketing and PR services. Authors must promote their own books, and it costs money. You know the old adage "it costs money to make money". Book publishing is a business endeavor. You will have to treat it that way to succeed.

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