Friday, April 3, 2015

The Twitter Revolution

Many of my readers know that I have been a loyal user of Facebook. I do believe we attract certain energies, and my Facebook account has unceremoniously become a magnet for inappropriate posts and distracting and uninvited "come-ons". Now my relationship status did change, and that brought about a deluge of unwelcome attention. I also encountered some "haters," which is common (so don't take it personally). You should never take anything personally, and especially from someone you don't even know. Unhappy people equal unhappy and negative lives.

I mutinied to Twitter. Why? Well outside of the Facebook behavior that became (how shall we say) unruly, I noticed my "reach" diminishing. Facebook restricting numbers and requiring paid "boosts". Also, I noticed the hip and in-the-know users had migrated to Twitter. My favorite TV shows (John Oliver on HBO among them) began using hash tags strategically to promote their efforts. My business partner Scott D. Roberts had also used hash tags to promote his book Vengeance is Now. Roberts also encouraged me to change to Twitter.

With the obvious reasons piling up, I began the migration. In a two-day period I increased my Twitter followers by 300 and proudly watch my in-box load up with new followers. I also started watching the way to effectively communicate on Twitter without saying, "Hey, I drank coffee today." I analyzed how to promote my new book Body in the Trunk, and how to keep clips very short, concise and on-point.

Even though social media is FREE it's not free. Time is money. It has been said that a CEO or business owner should spend at least 75% of his/her time marketing. I don't think that is realistic, but I do agree that a large sum of your day should be spent marketing and doing sales.

The lynchpin point: if your current marketing and sales techniques have floundered or aren't delivering, time to switch it up. Facebook delivered but the sales were not serious closes. Being proactive, I immediately realized that Facebook had become oriented in a direction that doesn't completely work. When something shifts in your business, don't keep doing the same things. As is true when people say "the definition of crazy is to keep doing the same things and expect the same results," you have to try new things. It's like making your picky eat try a new food a week until she likes one.

So I am trying Twitter! You can follow me @Michelle3L ... see you there! Tweet! Tweet!

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