Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Abused: 9 Addicts Go To Rehab... Nine don't come out

Sex, Drugs, Murder!

"As Pete walked into the door’s shadows, he paused. He thought he was either walking through the
doors of hell or entering the next phase of his life."
Welcome to rehab, a place where addicts come to get clean and sober, or in this case ... die!
The Abused is a psychological thriller about nine addicts whose poisonous drug use has destroyed lives, including their own. One after another, each addict arrives to face their demons. One after another, each addict is getting killed.

The Abused invites readers into the world of rehab where everyone, including the therapists, have issues. What happens when someone's "issues" become murderous? 
Nine go in ... Nine don't come out!  

The Abused -- Coming Soon!

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  1. Yahoo! Very excited to see that 'The Abused' is on track for release. This will definitely be on the "to read" shelf.