Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Your Book Makes You a Subject Matter Expert

Is your book or product or service just not picking up the momentum you had hoped to achieve? Don’t give up on it. You know what I just said about thinking differently? You have to think about new and inventive ways to ignite that important sales spark.

In a recent conversation with DB Stearns about writing a documentary based on his research done for his Harmonic Wars book series, an interesting discussion sparked. I told him that the documentary wasn’t necessary. He was being invited on radio shows to discuss the research put into the book series. I explained he just needed to reposition his platform of which the book is a part.

Do you understand what is “repositioning”? When you reposition your product you are finding a new angle to pitch. In Doug’s case (and I’m assuming since I didn’t ask), he was pitching a new novel about an interesting topic. What he needed to do since his responses from the media wanted to know more about the “interesting” topic was focus on the topic and position himself as a subject matter expert.

Do you know what people means by a subject matter expert? To some degree all of you are subject matter experts on something. Whether it’s parenthood or what you do in your career. When it comes to your book whatever the book’s topic can make you a subject matter expert on that topic. This concept applies to nonfiction and fiction.

Do you know that even having a book makes you a subject matter expert? Yes, the minute you publish a book on a particular subject you become a subject matter expert. What value or benefit does this give you? Here is the fabulous news from your publicist and guru (me … LOL). As a subject matter expert you can then approach media and pitch your expertise to be a guest on their shows or be featured in an article. The interview isn’t going to be about the book per se. The discussion will be on the topic at hand.

Your first pitch campaign can be just about your book, but sooner or later you will run out of reviewers to approach. What next? This is the value of the subject matter expert. Every time someone wants to talk about that subject you become the go-to expert and at the end of every interview you plug the book.

Do you have a fiction book and you’re rubbing your head asking, “How can a ‘story’ like mine make me an expert?” I’ll give you an example. My forthcoming novel The Abused is about addiction and rehabilitation. Albeit, the story unfolds in titillating style, as one of the addicts kills off the others. However, all of the time and research I put into the psychology behind addiction makes me a subject matter expert on that topic. So once I’ve run out book reviewers to approach I will be able to discuss that important topic.

So ask yourself: How can I give my book, product or service a second media life? I promise you that every single book in our catalog has that opportunity. Just brainstorm and think about it.

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