Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Make Time to Write

Do you feel pressed for time? I do. I have multiple projects going on. I once read in the book The Secret that it’s all a matter of perspective. You always have enough time. We make time for things we prioritize. When it comes to keeping everything flowing and getting it all done I keep daily, weekly and monthly goals. I started this habit in college because I was taking up to 18 units and I needed to keep track of homework. Turned out this technique became invaluable to helping me to become an effective project manager.

Another technique I apply is to keep in mind at all times I love what I do. I try to avoid feeling overwhelmed by just sitting down and getting things done one at a time. Even though I have work that is due all of the time I make it a top priority to make time enough to work on my own book The Abused. When it comes to ensuring that my precious time gets applied to my own work too I just do it. Here are some tips to help you effectively manage your time and meet goals. While these tips are for writers it applies to all projects and professions.

Writing – if you have a writing project decide on either a time or day or page count to meet your goals. Stephen King has said he writes 8 pages a day and then calls it quits for the day. You can set aside an hour a day if that suits you better. I do. I try to write when my day has ended. I will write until I feel like I’ve hit my stop point.

Give yourself permission to do what you need to do. I feel stressed all of the time if I’m not constantly working on client’s work. I realized I was creating self-stress, which is unnecessary.

Always take action. If you’re doing something vs. thinking about doing something you will feel much better. The minute I sit down and take action I always feel better.

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