Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Harris Estate Launches at Avid Reader in Davis, CA

Book Launch: Sept. 17, 2016
Time: 1pm to 2pm
Location: Avid Reader
Address: 617 2nd St., Davis, CA
 A new author has emerged in the literary world by the name of Stacey Cotter who has penned a captivating mystery titled Harris Estate: Some secrets can’t be buried... This well-written and fast-paced novel reveals the story of a young woman named Leah Murphy who sets out to sell the family’s estate in Texas only to uncover many dark secrets that completely unravel her identity.

Harris Estate is loaded with tense intrigue as Leah Murphy learns more than she bargained for when she visits the decaying farmhouse estate. The novel is the frosh effort of Stacey Cotter who worked for many months to bring this story to print. Her writing style takes situations that on many levels might seem ordinary (exploring the estate or even sitting down for a meal) and flushes them out by creating layers of subtext and deeper meaning. The very nature of Leah finding out many family secrets that completely dismantle her identity and sense of self is reflected by her unexpected desires and newly formed connections she never expected to make.

What makes Harris Estate stand out from the mystery genre and make it dramatic is Cotter deepens the story to explore the character’s inner thoughts and feelings. The catalyst for Leah’s personal crisis comes from the mysteries uncovered in the Harris Estate; therefore the story while interesting and fresh isn’t the real heart of the book. The book’s true center revolves around Leah’s crisis of self and transformation as a woman. The revelations found at the Estate call into question her family legacy, as it rearranges Leah’s world. The question posed to the reader through Leah’s experiences, asks how would you react if this happened to you and you were put in this situation? The reader is led through her transformation as she questions, contemplates her life, and decides which course to take as she moves forward.

Cotter creates a relatable woman who faces a truly tragic personal crisis. The key is portraying Leah in the light of an average person, the woman next door or the neighbor up the street. In writing about a regular woman and putting her in unusual and life-changing circumstances, the reader can easily understand Leah’s feelings and dilemmas. While some of Leah’s choices might be questionable to the average reader no one could totally understand why she does what she does unless they were in the same situation.

Harris Estate is an intriguing must-read mystery. It releases nationwide on November 1, 2016. To receive a review copy, please send a request to It will be available for pre-sales on the 3L Publishing website at It can also be purchased in print on Amazon, and eBook versions for Kindle, Nook and iBook. To interview the author, email or call 916-300-8012.

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