Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Power of Niche Books

In publishing land the summer heats up since most people want to sell their books, products or services for the holiday season. We just go the Harris Estate up on press and next up "Tails" from the Trail goes on press, too. Smile Power is wrapping up too. I've been encouraging author Ramin Bahram to get Smile Power printed in time for World Smile Day, which is Oct. 7.
Since we're on the subject of smiling, I wanted to share how much I learned in working on Smile Power about the "power" of a smile. You have absolutely no idea (or maybe you do) how the mere act of smiling can impact so many aspects of your life, from your health to your wealth, and from your relationships to your career. I never thought about the power of a smile. I just smiled, as I'm certain most of you do as well. It was fascinating to find out that while disparate research has been done on smiling there are really no books out there on the subject. So, Ramin's idea to write about smiling is brilliant.
Another really interesting project I just took on is Evil Information by Steve Ruport. I have an information technology background having worked on digital content and white papers for technology groups for years. I am book coaching Steve through the process. I found the entire thesis of his book quite fascinating and yet frustrating at the same time. The points he makes about the misuse and potential abuse of personal and professional information is relevant, especially with the proliferation of ever-invasive technology. So this project is going to be a winner.
Let's talk about niche books for a moment. Do you want to know why some niche books are often over the long-term winners? If you happen to find an original or fresh idea like smiling you're in the market for overall sales. Why? Niche books don't have much competition in their categories if any at all. When I mentioned the subject of smiling not being covered, it means that Ramin's book is going to be one of a few. So when someone does want to find out more information on this subject, whose book is going to stand out? Whose book is the one they will buy usually by default.
Niche books have staying power and generate long-term sales. They are not likely to become instant best sellers (although you can't rule that out either), but they will continue to sell over the long run because of the lack of other books in the marketplace. Your goal should be to find something that isn't covered overall and then write on that subject. Every time someone searches for that subject matter, what happens? Your book being the sole book on the topic will be one of a few choices. Fewer choices means yours is likely the winner.
Several of our niche books have had long-term staying power. What does this translate to? Habitual royalty checks being written each month to the author. In the big picture it also means ongoing passive revenue much like residuals. If you have a lot of passive revenue in the long term it can add up to a lot of money. I personally feel passive revenue comes under the old adage:
Work smarter not harder.
Any strategy that enables you to work smarter not harder is a winner. So, look for a great topic in a niche area. Long-term, ongoing sales win the game. You really don't want just a flash in the pan.
No go work smarter!!!

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