Tuesday, August 30, 2016

3 Hidden Secrets About Book Promotion

No. #1: Pitching your book means doing your homework. Let me ask you a question: Do you like it when someone approaches you with a pitch and knows nothing about you? They give you the generic form letter and it’s obvious they didn’t care enough to check it out. So the worst thing you can do to turn off any book reviewers or media professional is to pitch your book blind. For example, the reviewer plainly says he or she only reviews sci-fi and you’re pitching romance. It’s a major turnoff and shows you didn’t even look at the reviewer’s preferences. Go to the reviewer’s reviews and read them. If they have any information on a particular reviewer, read it. And when you pitch acknowledge somehow you looked at their material. It shows you cared enough to check it out. Reviewers know when you’re throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks. It wastes their time, and most importantly it wastes YOUR time.

No. #2: Want to stay in good stead with a reviewer? The power of old-fashioned thank you cards. When a reviewer reviews your book, send them a real thank you. This tip is super important for the long run if you intend to stay in this business and pitch more books. No one does this kind of thing anymore. I promise you a thank you will make you stand out in the crowd and start to build a relationship with the reviewer. Even if the review was so-so do it. Honesty is important, and if the reviewer made some valid points about your work, be open-minded enough to listen and improve the next time.

No. #3: Find the news hook and make your book relevant. What are the themes in your book? Pay attention to headlines and issues of the day. Tie your book’s theme to one of those current events. You will become a subject matter expert. The media may call you to interview you about the topic and then promote your book as a part of it. It might seem like a stretch, but be relevant.

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