Monday, July 25, 2016

Americans Aren't that Complicated - We all Got to Eat!

Are you afraid of failure? Most people fear falling down and having to get back up – again. Did you know that most successful people realize that failure is only a PART of the process of finding success. Successful people keep the right mindset about failure and don’t allow it to keep them down. If you think about it: success and the road toward it is paved really in trial and error. As you try new things you may do it right the first time, but most likely it could take two or three or four or five or even six times to get it right.

As a business owner I’ve learned my greatest lessons through failure. As I’ve failed or made mistakes, I remember them. As you know the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new outcome. So, you have to think about your mistakes like a newly invested formula. As you make a mistake, remember it, but don’t repeat it. Take a different approach and do it differently. Your new approach works, great. It fails, start over again. The key is:

Don’t allow failure to become your quitting time. Failure should be your OPPORTUNITY to reboot and try again.

Here is something interesting that my life partner Chris said. He was doing security in San Francisco for The Beauty Bar, a nightclub. He watched this hotdog seller out with his cart in the street. The guy had lines of eager eaters standing in line to buy his hotdogs. Chris talked to the vendor cart dealer and found out the guy made upward of $5,000 a night – yes, a night! Selling what? Hotdogs!

Chris then said it simply, “Americans aren’t that complicated. We make it much more complicated than it has to be. Imagine success through a hotdog cart selling one product and sodas. His point is that sometimes success can be found in pure simplicity. We don’t need to over think it to death. Follow the basic formula and the end results might surprise you.

So think about it. Think about ways to pare it down to the basics. Basic human behavior. Basic stories we all can relate to and talk about. Universal themes exist in the human experience. The easiest way I can say this: “We all got to eat!”

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