Monday, March 7, 2016

The Abused: Chapter 7


            Darian Masterson was a troubled teenager with a long history of shoplifting. She started doing it when she was 13 and wanted to wear makeup to school. Since her mother was an Evangelical Christian she wasn’t about to let her young daughter smear makeup on her otherwise gorgeous and naturally beautiful face. So Darian got very good at swiping eye shadow, mascara, cover-up, and a sundry of chic lipsticks at the local pharmacy. Having grown up in the neighborhood and become friendly with the counter ladies, nobody suspected the gorgeous blond girl with the incredible developing figure of doing anything wrong.
Darian though was also hiding a dark secret – she had begun to turn tricks with her older brother Robby’s friends. Robby was 20 and his friends horny. Being a resourceful entrepreneur and seizing the idea he could pimp his younger and innocent-looking sister out for some pretty good dough, Robby began selling Darian to the highest bidder on a Friday night that soon turned to Saturday and before long the occasional Sunday. It started with his childhood chums and quickly evolved into neighborhood perverts with crappy sex lives and proclivities for young girls. The family’s house sat on a two-acre farm with multiple storage sheds that held grain and other animal feed. Robby turned the furthest shed on the other wooded field across the way into the regional whorehouse with his sister Darian into its star attraction.
Darian didn’t care. Her stepfather Albert Philipps had molested her for years. Virginity wasn’t even a possibility by the time she was age 5. Albert pushed his little prick into Darian as soon as her tiny vagina could handle it. Before long Albert regularly fucked his stepdaughter every opportunity her mother Ellen fell asleep. Darian didn’t know any better. Then by age 12 Albert got caught in the crossfire between local gang members in town and killed. While Ellen sobbed and wailed over the coffin, Darian quietly realized her life of sex slavery was over. But who cared anyway. She was “rotten goods” as Ellen referred to women who lost their virginity before marriage.
Believing without a doubt, she was ruined for life Darian had no trouble selling her body to any guy with a dick and $100 bill. As she aged she became even more deliciously gorgeous, and her price rose to $500 a pop. It was widely known within 25 miles who was the Walnut Grove town whore. When her mother Ellen finally caught on and Robby revealed he had saved over $50,000, Ellen turned the other way and they bought a beautiful Victorian in town. With Albert gone, Ellen needed the money and she told herself Darian must not mind since she seemed to do it with ease. Soon the main house became the whorehouse, and Ellen enjoyed the money it made.
Realizing Robby could make even more, he invited Darian’s best friend Eva Marie to join the show. And then he picked up a runaway named Ceres who was easily added to the growing roster of sluts in the house. Ellen even occasionally joined in for the older gentlemen, but her price was much less. And when she met a new lover, a guy by the name of Jason, he and Robby worked fervently to make as much money as possible. But it was the drug business that brought their house of ill repute down to the ground.
Jason began hiring Asian chicks fresh from Vietnam who failed to get work in the local Nail joints to cook meth. Soon meth and crank circulated the house as readily as the girls gave blowjobs. Darian, who about the time met her first official boyfriend Austin, was in love. Austin, a local high school jock, was clueless about his girlfriend’s income source. They had been dating about two weeks when his classmate Daniel saw the two of them at the football game kissing and laughing. The next day Daniel pulled Austin aside and warned him off Darian.
“Dude, man, you know she’s like a slut, right?”
Austin frowned, “What the fuck? She’s not a slut.”
“Fuck dude, I mean she’s like the real deal,” said Daniel. “You know Heidi Floss or whatever that famous chick’s name was. “
“Yeah, her.”
“She was a madam.”
“Fuck dude, okay fine, I mean she’s like a hooker, whore, you know what I’m saying?”
“Yeah dude, she fucks for cash.”
“No way! I’m going to kill you if you’re lying.”
“Hell no dude,” check her out more. “Everyone knows … well, ’cept you.”
Austin stormed off and went straight over to see his girlfriend. Darian met him at their front door just as an older gentleman was on his way out. Austin looked at the guy with a whole new set of eyes.
“Hey,” said Darian.
“Hey,” Austin said sullenly.
“What’s up?” she asked.
Austin grabbed her upper arm and out of the corner of his eye watched the old dude driving away in a shiny black BMW. Darian pulled away.
“You’re hurting me,” she protested.
“You’re not like … you know … a fucking whore?”
The jig was up. Darian pulled away just as Robby walked out. He was smoking a joint and eyeing Austin with a dark look. Robby was 6’6”, dark hair, and luminous green eyes. He was an intimidating guy for sure.
“Yeah, fuckster my sister turns tricks. You got a problem with it?”
Austin’s mouth gaped open. Darian began to cry and turned and ran into the house. Robby stepped forward and got right into Austin’s face.
“You ought to treat her right man,” he said and blew smoke in Austin’s face. “You been getting it free. Most men would be bankrupt for that fine pussy by now. You catch my meaning Football star? Now go play before I kick your ass.”
Austin never returned, and Darian was heartbroken. No matter how many pretty, but sexy dresses Robby bought her as a consolation prize she continued to cry. Her grieving soon got in the way of her performance. That is when Robby came in with a stash of heroine and personally injected his baby sister himself. As she drifted into high la, la land Robby laughed and taunted, “Now you’ll forget what’s-his-fuck and do your job.”
It wasn’t long before Darian was snorting, huffing, puffing and injecting any drug within sight. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, the house got raided. Darian was remitted to juvenile hall where she was an instant hit with the lesbians. By the time she went before the judge for sentencing the lesbian had kept her hopped up on whatever. She looked like a horrible train wreck – greasy hair, bad skin, and sores everywhere. Yet the judge took pity on her due to her terrible upbringing. He sentenced her to rehab and probation.
And like every other addict, she found herself standing before those ominous redwood doors and Mr. Lentwood, the male intake nurse who switched off with Ms. Fisher stood to greet her. He noticed she was in terrible condition and looked high. She was wearing an armpit-stained T-shirt, torn jeans, and flip-flops. They didn’t give you sexy dresses in “juvie”.
“Ms. Masterson I presume?” he asked as he looked at her intake sheet.
“Dude? Presume? Are you the butler?” she snickered and pulled a cigarette box out of her back pocket and lit up.
Mr. Lentwood reached out and plucked the cigarette out of her mouth. “Here at St. Johns we believe in a holistic and natural approach to rehabilitation that does not involve stimulants of any kind.”
“What?” said Darian realizing she was facing the horror of nicotine withdrawal, too.
“Yes,” he said and stared at her. “That means no cigarettes, cigars, vapes, caffeine, sugar or anything else that can contaminate the body and ruin the soul. You agreed to these terms when you selected our facility to rid yourself of the toxins poisoning your body and mind.”
“Fuck…” she said in a low voice. “No fucking coffee either?”
“No,” said Mr Lentwood. “And while we are not your parents we also encourage good manners and would prefer the use of the, um, F-word be limited to mitigating circumstances. Our judicious and astute leader Merry Fenmore believes profanity corrupts as much as drugs.”
“Are you kidding me?”
“F-u…” her voice tapered off as Mr. Lentwood gave her a look.
Mr. Lentwood looked her up and down with a half-hidden sneer. “I am quite certain you face a painful, horrible night of detox. Once you have finished the wretched pain involved you will begin orientation and meet your brothers and sisters who are suffering the same after effects of their addictions,” he said and stood up straight. “So! Shall we?”
Darian stared up at those doors and slumped down. She didn’t expect to get a good night’s sleep tonight without her usual dose of Valium to whisk her easily into night-night land.
“F…” she stopped herself and tailed after Mr. Lentwood.

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