Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We're All Dead: Preface


It’s the year 3010 and the great Apocalypse of Death is nearing the end. After 50 years of death, war and destruction, the zombies, vampires and humans are about to take their last stand. What is at stake – the survival of the human race.

Zombies and vampires have brought the human race to the verge of extinction. Now only a small population of humans have survived, which has created a great famine for vampires. The head of the vampires Colonel Baptista has declared all zombies must be annihilated. His rival necromancer General Wilhelm, though, has a secret weapon – one that is sure to kill all of the remaining
humans, and therefore, eliminate the food source of the vampires and destroy their race as well.

And then zombies will rule the world.

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