Thursday, December 17, 2015

Things I find annoying

Smudges on my glasses ... don't you just hate it when you smudge your glasses and they don't seem to come clean. Smudges on my contact lenses are annoying too.

Phone calls before 8 a.m. ... that one is just obvious. Unless you're from the East Coast (I'm on the West Coast) you have no excuse.

Phone calls after 9 p.m. ... unless your lover or best friend that is simply too late at night for me.

Running out of coffee in the morning ... that one is just scream-worthy. I must have my coffee. And it always seems like the moment I realize I am out of it, it's while wearing a purple bathrobe and socks. So no way a trip to the local Starbuck's is on the agenda.

Running out of Half-n-Half ... that one is synonymous to running out of coffee. Either problem holds the same "annoyance value". 

People who keep calling and not leaving a voice message ... how hard is it to just leave a message? Quit calling and not leaving me a message; it's pointless and true to my headline, annoying.

If you've read this and nodded then you "feel me" friend. Hope I made you either nod or chuckle. Sometimes I blog just to entertain myself ... or you.

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